Even though this post kinda throws of my entire theme for this blog, it’s an in-class assignment.

1) The fail blog is kind of what I’m going for with my blog. This is because it’s main purpose is to make people laugh and show people funny things. I like that they switch it up from post to post, one post might be a picture, the next might be a video, so it’s not all just one type of media. It makes the blog a lot more interesting.

2) My theme for this blog is lists of eight funny or just interesting things that you may have never seen or thought about before. My about page tells more about why I chose this theme. The purpose of my blog is simply to post funny things for people to read. Every post that is just a list, I try to add a picture to it, to show the reader exactly what I’m talking about, and to make it a little more relevant to them. I try to put links in the posts sometimes, and plan to put more links on the sidebar to other funny blogs or websites.



Ever seen a Youtube video that makes you laugh out loud? There are millions of videos on Youtube, and most of them are geared towards making people laugh. Anyone can upload these videos, so it makes for an interesting assortment of laughs. From funny little kids to hilarious accidents, Youtube can get addicting to watch. Youtube is also filled with music videos and video blogs, but I just want to focus on the funny videos.

If you’re ever having a not so great day, put on one of these videos to cheer yourself up!

8 Hilarious Youtube Videos : )

1. Antoine Dodson’s interview about an attacker that tried to attack his sister

2. An adorable baby boy laughs at a funny noise

3. A little girl narrates her version of a book of cats

4. A baby panda sneezes and startles it’s mom

5. A comedian’s popular interpretation of how dance has changed throughout the years

6. Will Ferrell puts on a hilarious skit with his 2 year old daughter

7. This is a young boy on his way home after getting laughing gas at the dentist

8. A little girl tells her mom what she will do if she sees a monster


Warning: warnings are redundant.

Have you ever seen a warning label on a product you use and think, “Who would actually do that?” Well, apparently some people out there have done it at some point or it wouldn’t be there. But really, some of those warnings can be crazy! The person in charge of labeling these products must be getting bored….  Here is a lost of some interesting labels that have been spotted out there.


8 Crazy Warning Labels : )

1. Seen on a hair dryer:  “Do not use while sleeping.”

2. Seen on a can of pepper spray:  “Product may irritate eyes.”

3. On a stroller:  “Remove child before folding for storage.”

4. On a fruit rollup label:  “Remove plastic before eating.”

5. On a bottle of spray deodorant: “Caution: do not spray in eyes.”

6. On a motorcycle helmet with rearview mirror attached:  “Remember objects shown in mirror are actually behind you.”

7. On a clothes iron:  “Do not iron clothing while wearing them.”

8. On a container of peanuts:  “Product may contain nuts.”

We all spend countless hours each week on our computers. Technology is a big part of our lives today. Most of us will admit to getting stuck on facebook for long periods of time, and some other websites. Anybody want a break from facebook? The internet is full of websites that we have no idea about. Here are some fun sites to check out.


8 Fun Websites to Enjoy : )

1. funnyordie.com –A website full of funny videos, links, pictures, and jokes!

2. fmylife.com — This website will make you laugh, and make you feel better about your life!

3. collegehumor.com –Another funny site with videos and links.

4. awkwardfamilyphotos.com –Think your family is strange? This site is filled with strange, humorous and disturbing family portraits.

5. peopleofwalmart.com — A collection of funny pictures of the crazy things people do at Walmart!

6. dearblankpleaseblank.com — Funny site full of posts with the format dear blank, please blank.

7. damnyouautocorrect.com — Anyone frustrated with their iPhones autocorrecting your words to crazy things? This site is a collection of screenshots of some hilarious autocorrects!

8. lamebook.com — Speaking of facebook, this site is full of funny facebook posts by random people!

You want fries with that?

We’ve all been through fast food drive thru’s in our lives, sometimes you even have to wait forever. Have you ever thought of some outrageous things you could do while waiting? I used to work at St. Louis Bread Company (or Panera for other places) and I often worked the drive thru. I experienced some crazy things you wouldn’t even imagine! Here’s a fun list to think about next time you get fast food:

8 Silly Things to do in a Drive Thru : )

1. Order food from different fast food places. (Order tacos at Macdonalds)!

2. Speak a foreign language, and get upset when they don’t understand you.

3. Order something on the dollar menu and ask if you can get it for 50 cents. When they say no, ask for 75.

4. Drive through with a friend sitting on the hood to grab the food.

5. Place your order, have your friend drive away, and pick up your food on foot.

6. Repeat everything the order taker says.

7. Pay for your food with a big sack of pennies.

8. Drive through backwards!



My blog will always have something to do with the number 8. Lists of 8 funny or interesting things will be mostly what I’ll post. Here’s a funny list to kick it off. We all know how awkward elevator silences can be, especially in towers! Here’s some solutions. Enjoy!

8 Funny Ways to Break Elevator Silence : )

1. Ask if you can push the button for other people, but push the wrong ones.

2. When there’s only one other person in the elvator, tap them on the shoulder and then pretend it wasn’t you.

3. Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button

4. Unroll a twister mat and ask people if they would like to play.

5. Hold the doors open and say your waiting for a friend. After a while, let the doors close, and start talking to your imaginary “friend”.

6. Bring a camera and take pictures of everyone in the elevator.

7. Wear a puppet on your hand and use it to talk to the other passengers.

8. Call out, “Group Hug!”and then enforce it.

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