Last Post

My goal for this blog was simply to make people laugh and give them something interesting to read. I think my blog has grown into a successful source for humor, as some commenters have let me know. It was a little difficult to come up with an idea for my blog, but once I had this idea in mind, it took off running. At first I felt a little strange about posting things on the internet for anyone to see, but once I got used to that part of it, I enjoyed posting. It was fun for me to find the topics I posted about. I didn’t choose to alter my blog very much from the first few posts, although I did change up the subjects a little bit for variety. I actually enjoyed creating this blog a lot for this class. I probably won’t keep blogging after this, mainly because I won’t be required to keep up with it anymore, and will forget about it. But it was interesting to develop this blog over the semester, and I’m proud of what it became.