Will that be delivery?

We all dread making that phone call to order the pizza. Not really sure why it makes us so nervous, but we’ve all been in that situation where everyone looks at each other and says “So who wants to call?” I have a list that might break the ice when ordering your food..

8 Silly Things to Say When Ordering Pizza : )

1. Tell the person to hold on a second because you have to take another call. Do this several times.

2. When they ask what you want say “Oh just surprise me!” and hang up.

3. Ask the order taker what they are wearing.

4. Speak in different accents on the phone, changing the accent every minute or so.

5. Say “hello?” like they called you and pretend you didn’t call them.

6. Ask them if you get to keep the pizza box for free.

7. Ask what kind of car the delivery person will be driving. When they tell you, say “ugh that’s just not acceptable for my pizza.”

8. End the call with “If anyone asked…we never had this conversation…”