Even though this post kinda throws of my entire theme for this blog, it’s an in-class assignment.

1) The fail blog is kind of what I’m going for with my blog. This is because it’s main purpose is to make people laugh and show people funny things. I like that they switch it up from post to post, one post might be a picture, the next might be a video, so it’s not all just one type of media. It makes the blog a lot more interesting.

2) My theme for this blog is lists of eight funny or just interesting things that you may have never seen or thought about before. My about page tells more about why I chose this theme. The purpose of my blog is simply to post funny things for people to read. Every post that is just a list, I try to add a picture to it, to show the reader exactly what I’m talking about, and to make it a little more relevant to them. I try to put links in the posts sometimes, and plan to put more links on the sidebar to other funny blogs or websites.


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