Ever seen a Youtube video that makes you laugh out loud? There are millions of videos on Youtube, and most of them are geared towards making people laugh. Anyone can upload these videos, so it makes for an interesting assortment of laughs. From funny little kids to hilarious accidents, Youtube can get addicting to watch. Youtube is also filled with music videos and video blogs, but I just want to focus on the funny videos.

If you’re ever having a not so great day, put on one of these videos to cheer yourself up!

8 Hilarious Youtube Videos : )

1. Antoine Dodson’s interview about an attacker that tried to attack his sister

2. An adorable baby boy laughs at a funny noise

3. A little girl narrates her version of a book of cats

4. A baby panda sneezes and startles it’s mom

5. A comedian’s popular interpretation of how dance has changed throughout the years

6. Will Ferrell puts on a hilarious skit with his 2 year old daughter

7. This is a young boy on his way home after getting laughing gas at the dentist

8. A little girl tells her mom what she will do if she sees a monster



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