Skip the lines…

Pick up lines can be the worst or the best thing you can say to a stranger. Depending on how terrible the line is, the person will either tell you to get lost or laugh at how cheesy you are and it can start a conversation. Usually it’s the first option, though. Pick up lines are just better avoided.                                 But just for laughs, here are some extra cheesy ones.

8 Cheesy Pick-up Lines : )

1. “Something is wrong with my cell phone…..your number isn’t in it!”

2. “I can’t find my teddy bear, will you cuddle with me instead?”

3. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

4. “Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way from here!”

5. “My friends call me (insert name here), but you can call me later!

6. “I hope you know CPR, because your taking my breath away.”

7. “If you were a lazer, your setting would be stunning..”

8. “See my friends over there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute.”


Pass the toilet paper?

Ok, so we all know that public restrooms are awkward to begin with. Who wants to go to the bathroom with four other people in the room? Especially in dorms. You all know each other, so you’ll know exactly who did what in the bathroom. It gets a little strange. Ever think about some crazy or funny things people could do in public restrooms? Well don’t worry, I’ve got another list to ease your mind!

8 Random Things to Do in a Public Restroom : )

1. Comment on the shoes of the person next to you.

2. Sing, or better yet rap, your favorite song loudly in the stall.

3. While someone is washing their hands, reach over and turn the faucet off, and say “Save some for the fishes buddy…” and shake your head and walk away.

4. Put on hand puppets and perform a show under the stall for the person next to you.

5. Knock on occupied stalls and ask them if they know where you can find the bathroom.

6. (For the guys) Ask the guy next to you if he “happens to have a tampon on him”.

7. Slip notes under the stalls that say encouraging things like “You can do it!” and “It’s gonna be a good day for you!”

8. Drop a pair of underwear on the floor under the stall and ask the person to kick them back over to you.


Even though this post kinda throws of my entire theme for this blog, it’s an in-class assignment.

1) The fail blog is kind of what I’m going for with my blog. This is because it’s main purpose is to make people laugh and show people funny things. I like that they switch it up from post to post, one post might be a picture, the next might be a video, so it’s not all just one type of media. It makes the blog a lot more interesting.

2) My theme for this blog is lists of eight funny or just interesting things that you may have never seen or thought about before. My about page tells more about why I chose this theme. The purpose of my blog is simply to post funny things for people to read. Every post that is just a list, I try to add a picture to it, to show the reader exactly what I’m talking about, and to make it a little more relevant to them. I try to put links in the posts sometimes, and plan to put more links on the sidebar to other funny blogs or websites.


Ever seen a Youtube video that makes you laugh out loud? There are millions of videos on Youtube, and most of them are geared towards making people laugh. Anyone can upload these videos, so it makes for an interesting assortment of laughs. From funny little kids to hilarious accidents, Youtube can get addicting to watch. Youtube is also filled with music videos and video blogs, but I just want to focus on the funny videos.

If you’re ever having a not so great day, put on one of these videos to cheer yourself up!

8 Hilarious Youtube Videos : )

1. Antoine Dodson’s interview about an attacker that tried to attack his sister

2. An adorable baby boy laughs at a funny noise

3. A little girl narrates her version of a book of cats

4. A baby panda sneezes and startles it’s mom

5. A comedian’s popular interpretation of how dance has changed throughout the years

6. Will Ferrell puts on a hilarious skit with his 2 year old daughter

7. This is a young boy on his way home after getting laughing gas at the dentist

8. A little girl tells her mom what she will do if she sees a monster