Warning: warnings are redundant.

Have you ever seen a warning label on a product you use and think, “Who would actually do that?” Well, apparently some people out there have done it at some point or it wouldn’t be there. But really, some of those warnings can be crazy! The person in charge of labeling these products must be getting bored….  Here is a lost of some interesting labels that have been spotted out there.


8 Crazy Warning Labels : )

1. Seen on a hair dryer:  “Do not use while sleeping.”

2. Seen on a can of pepper spray:  “Product may irritate eyes.”

3. On a stroller:  “Remove child before folding for storage.”

4. On a fruit rollup label:  “Remove plastic before eating.”

5. On a bottle of spray deodorant: “Caution: do not spray in eyes.”

6. On a motorcycle helmet with rearview mirror attached:  “Remember objects shown in mirror are actually behind you.”

7. On a clothes iron:  “Do not iron clothing while wearing them.”

8. On a container of peanuts:  “Product may contain nuts.”


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  1. ejfleitz
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 15:30:13

    Your blog’s theme is creative and entertaining–I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. To carry out your theme, you could fill out the “about” page with more information about your blog, and also add some hyperlinks to the right column that go to related sites.


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